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We do apologize for the excessive leave. Things have been busy on our end, and we’re moving fast on the things before us. We shall return with updates soon. Enjoy the scan. 

A few months back, a truly amazing friend of mine picked up a project. It’s not the first time that he’s been in possession of an EH2, but rather, his third. Currently, it sits with a heavy goal as it gets stripped and rebuilt from scratch. There will be more to come in the weeks and months to follow. 

If I had to explain “love” to someone, I would show them my car. The countless amount of photos, the countless hours, the countless times I’ve fallen in love again every time I see her.

Some of you guys that have been following me (Vukie) will probably know her name by now. If not, let me introduce you guys to my 1992 base model Nissan 240sx named Porkbuns/Pigmeat. You guys would also probably know I prefer the pignose bumper over any other. See the correlation to the name?

Time and patience, that’s something I have. To do things what I consider the right way. I also believe in “things happen for a reason.” And Within any relationship (even with a car), there’ll always be ups and downs. And so I’ve made a promise to myself that no matter what happens, I will try to do everything I can even if it takes a long time.

I always did enjoy the KA24DE more than the SR20DET. That’s the reason why I’ve kept one. I’m on my 2nd KA and that’s whats currently in my car now. Another close to stock KA, that’s enough for some midnight fun while being my DD. I still have my first KA, as it’s sitting, waiting for me to be ready for a block rebuild. Half finished but getting there.

As of right now, she’s been put into storage while I collect some rare parts and so.. ;3 


a few shots of my buddy Brian’s SR20 S13.
Literally spent 3 hours sleeping because of all
the preparations and double checking we did
while loading the car for FNDP at Clubloose.
I will be posting more, definitely of the drift scene
within the Philadelphia area so expect so great things.

Roshicorp x vukie

オプション Magazine /  RMS13 240sx